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Burbank, CA 91506
Phone: 323-245-1111
Fax: 818-240-1492

Call Toll Free: 888-245-9939

E-Mail: prcmech@aol.com

California State Contractor's License #311690

Contact Employees

Glen Christensen/President:        plbboss@aol.com

     Michael Christensen/Vice President:        prcmech@aol.com

      Trevor Day/Mechanical:     prctjday@gmail.com

      Pat Walsh/Plumbing:     prcwalsh@gmail.com

     Lorraine Guzman/Office:      lcsg42@aol.com

     Pattie Thompson/Office:     pattieprc@gmail.com


California State Contractor's License #311690

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CSL # 311690 C-36 C-16 C-4 C-20

PRC MECHANICAL has led the way in providing superior mechanical services in various environments
which include applications in commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional systems. We are also experts installers for such special
products as Earthquake valves, Waterless Urinals, Electro Lubes and the Big Dipper.

For Disaster Supplies, Emergency Food and Water, Communication Gear and other
Survival Equipment check out Earthquakestore.com

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