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Fire Prevention

fire prevention installations and retrofittingFire Prevention? When it comes to fire prevention, PRC Mechanical has a depth of experience that is second to none. From working in 4 million square foot industrial and commercial buildings to 1,500 square foot private enterprises, PRC Mechanical has no peer.

Sprinkler system retrofitting is a speciality at PRC Mechanical. We use only the finest materials in our fire sprinkler systems to ensure the protection of your business.

Because we are accustomed to working within the strictest scheduling and completion dates, PRC Mechanical emerges as the leader when it comes to performance and accountability. Small and large companies alike are trusting PRC Mechanical to perform in a variety of conditions.

fire prevention installations and retrofittingWhether working during or after business hours, or responding to an emergency situation, you can depend on PRC Mechanical to consistently maintain the highest degree of integrity and professionalism.

PRC Mechanical is licensed to perform wet fire sprinkler system testing including quarterly, annual, Reg. 4 and Reg. 5 testing. We work closely with all municipal fire departments to assure no interruption of business operations.


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PRC MECHANICAL has led the way in providing superior mechanical services in various environments
which include applications in commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional systems. We are also experts installers for such special
products as Earthquake valves, Waterless Urinals, Electro Lubes and the Big Dipper.

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