About Us

For over thirty-seven years PRC MECHANICAL has led the way in providing superior mechanical services in various environments which include applications in commercial, industrial, residential, and institutional systems.

Mechanical Services Include:

  • HVAC Design and Installations
  • Plumbing Design and Installations
  • Backflow Certifications and Installations
  • Electrical Design and Installations
  • Fire Prevention Design and Installations
  • Seismic Device Installations

From the smallest residential jobs to the largest commercial project, our most important business concept is simple – to provide Service Beyond Compare. As a matter of fact, we go out of our way to make sure that your project is clearly defined and understood. Everyone from project managers and design teams to commercial vendors, have the clearest understanding of project requirements. When planning your project, potential problems are always addressed in the very beginning in order to minimize, and in most cases, eliminate those “surprises” that seem to arise at critical times during project implementation.

It’s reassuring to know that today, when words like service, integrity, and quality don’t seem to mean much anymore, you can always trust PRC Mechanical to handle your special project on time and within budget. And, with a client list that reads like a who’s who in today’s business world, PRC Mechanical should be your choice when it comes to quality mechanical services. After all, next to each client, our reputation for service and quality is by far our most important asset.