ElectroLube Classic

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Operating Principle Classic Electro Lube

When one of the selector switches is closed, an electro-chemical cell is activated, and an electrochemical reaction takes place by which electrical energy is converted into nitrogen gas. The gas is trapped in a hermetically sealed bellows-type gas chamber. As the gas is produced, an internal pressure builds up, which is applied against a piston. The piston then forces the lubricant out of the cylinder and into the lube point. The strength of the electrical current determines the amount of gas produced which, in turn, controls the rate of lubricant flow and the length of time the Electro-Luber™ will operate.

To activate the Electro-Luber, the user merely selects the dispensing time and amount of lubricant required, then clicks the appropriate switch(es) at the top of the unit. A “BLIP” light is also activated. This light flashes every 15 to 20 seconds, signaling that the system is in working order.