ElectroLube FAQ Classic

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How long does the battery last?

The battery has 2200 milli-amps of life, an Electro-Luber uses only 200 milli-amps per year. Maximum setting on the Electro-Luber is 12 months. A 70-80% margin of useful life remains in battery. Also a red indicator light indicates that the battery is functioning.

Are the Electro-Lubers refillable?

No. Because there is no way to regenerate nitrogen gas once nylon bellow is expanded (please see MD2000 for a refillable unit)

Are the units waterproof?

Yes, provided that the switch cap is properly in place. In fact, the switch cap must be in place in order to be considered intrinsically safe.

Do I have to check on the Electro-Luber after it is installed?

Yes, as part of a good preventative maintenance program one should routinely check all elements of operating equipment. The flashing indicator light and see through reservoir of an Electro-Luber make it very quick and easy to confirm that the unit is operating properly.

What do I do if my equipment is not running?

You can switch the Electro-Luber off.

Can the Classic Electro-Luber lube more than 1 point?

No. The Classic Electro-Luber is designed for single point of use.

Does the Electro-Luber have any safety ratings?