ElectroLube MD2000 FAQ

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How long are battery packs good for?

Battery pack for the 125MD and 250MD good for 2 empties.500MD good for 1 empty.

What if I don’t want to use the battery pack?

The MD2000 units can be ordered with an optional external power source connection as long as you can run 12 volts to the unit.

What do I do if my equipment is not running?

The Electro-Luber can be shut off or you can special order a remote sensor unit in this case the MD2000 unit will only run when your equipment is in operation.

Does the MD2000 lubricate continuously like the Classic Electro-Luber?

No, the MD2000 can be programmed to come on in timed cycles. From every hour to once a week and times in between.

Is the MD2000 refillable?

Yes, there is a zerk fitting on the side of the nylon canister which you can attach a standard grease gun to, to fill.

Is the MD2000 Electro-Luber waterproof?

Yes, provided that the switch cap is properly in place.

Can the MD2000 do multiple points?

Yes, by using a specially designed Distribution Block you can do from 2-8 points with 1 device.

How far can my lines be set from the Distribution Block?

Suggested recommended maximum is 10’-12’ long by 3/8 id lines.ting the Electro-Luber)