ElectroLube MD2000

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Operating Principal MD 2000

The Electro-Luber MD 2000 is a self-contained, microprocessor controlled, motor driven automatic lubricator. The MD 2000 unit is not a pressure vessel. The MD 2000 does not operate by producing gas, instead, operation of the lubricator depends upon the use of minor internal pressure forcing lubricant into the threads of a unique rotating auger pump. This mixes and dispenses the lubricant at pressures up to 200psi. This pressure allows the MD 2000 to be used with long feed line pipework, and it can even cycle progressive distributors, allowing one MD 2000 to feed several bearings. When one or a combination of selector switches are turned on, the unit will activate at selected intervals (see charts on pages 3&4). At each interval, approximately 1.25cc of grease will be delivered to the bearing. The grease output is not affected by temperature or altitude. When the unit is empty, refilling is accomplished using a standard grease gun.